(I,VSAT,SES): Satellite Services - North American Video Market - Deep Dive
How Will Ongoing Contract Renewals Impact Satellite Services Providers Revenue Growth / Profitability?
Roger Rusch
President, TelAstra, Inc.

Wed, 4/27 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Transcript available upon request
  • Current state of the North American satellite video distribution market, market segmentation, pricing and demand growth. 
  • Competitive dynamics between Intelsat & SES in the NA video market, their relative strengths/weaknesses, value propositions and ability to maintain share aS video contracts are renewed. 
  • Negotiation dynamics among satellite operators and networks, contract structure / economics, their impact on price compression and the relative impact to Intelsat & SES.
  • Key factors impacting network and cable companies' transition towards fiber, the cost/benefit analysis and potential pace of transition through 2020. 
  • Viasat's positioning in the NA video market, the viability of its video offering and its exposure to current demand trends. 
  • The impact of Viasat 2 / Viasat 3 on Viasat's revenue growth / profitability. 
  • Companies: Intelsat (I), Viasat (VSAT), SES (SESG)
Satellite operators competing in the video delivery market have long had a competitive advantage due to satellite its reliable and cost effectiveness. Nonetheless, the cost of fiber falling 10%-12% annually and proliferation/reliability of fiber increasing, content providers have a more compelling reasons to shift away from traditional satellite services providers. This, coupled with increasing pricing pressure on satellite bandwidth due to a potential capacity glut could have a significant impact on satellite operators' growth prospects. With our expert, we will analyze the current state of the satellite video distribution market, focusing on the competitive landscape among major providers FSS/MSS service providers  and the commercial viability of new satellites coming online. We will also focus on the negotiation environment between satellite operators and content providers, potential price compression and the transition from satellite to fiber. 

Roger Rusch is President of TelAstra, Inc. a satellite services consulting firm specializing in market analysis, business planning, satellite appraisals and competitive analysis. TelAstra's clients include satellite service providers and the investment community, noting that TelAstra provides independent analysis of competitors across the satellite services value chain with focus on mobile satellite and broadband fixed satellite service providers such as Intelsat and Viasat among others. 
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