HTS Capacity – Analyzing Competitive Dynamics & Demand Growth
Armand Musey
Founder, President, Summit Ridge Group, LLC

Thu, 3/31 at 11:00 am Eastern Time
Transcript available upon request
  • Current state of the satellite services market – capacity demand trends by market segment, pricing trends and competitive dynamics.
  • Anticipated pricing trends with a particular focus on the impact of new capacity coming online including Inmarsat’s Global Xpress, Intelsat’s Epic satellites and ViaSat-2 (ViaSat-3).
  • Key battlegrounds among satellite operators & the relative strengths/weaknesses of upcoming satellites in growth markets including aviation, media & mobile broadband segments.  
  • Outlook for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress constellation, revenue generation potential and competitive positioning vs. other satellite service providers.
  • Intelsat’s ability to reach necessary IRRs to justify its Epic satellites, chief risks to achieving demand, potential expansion of its addressable market and competitive positioning.
  • ViaSat’s ability to maintain growth, its competitive positioning in HTS markets, its comparative advantages / disadvantages in the HTS market. 
  • Companies: Viasat (VSAT), Inmarsat (ISAT), Intelsat (I)
While satellite operators tout the benefits of increasingly powerful High Throughput Satellites, the actual demand for HTS capacity appears to represent a small fraction of planned capacity growth over then next 5 years. Specifically, with Inmarsat's Global Xpress constellation coming online, Intelsat's Epic satellites and ViaSat-2 among others, fears persist that the satellite market will suffer from a significant capacity glut, causing prices to plummet and pressuring IRRs. With our expert, a telecom / satellite valuation expert, we'll analyzing the viability of increasing HTS capacity, its potential impact on pricing and adoption. We'll also focus on upcoming HTS satellites, how they position their operators and factors impacting success / failure in the market. 

Armand Musey is President & Founder of Summit Ridge Group, llc, a telecom advisory firm specializing in financial consulting, forecasting and market analysis for investors, satellite/wireless operators and broadcasters. As a function of his consulting work, Armand performs independent analyses of leading satellite operators including Intelsat, Viasat and Inmarsat among others. Prior to consulting, Armand served as President of Near Earth, a boutique investment firm focused on M&A and capital raising for telecom & media sectors.  
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